Sympathy Flowers - Singapore Katong Flower Shop

In times of great sorrow, it can be difficult to express the sympathy and condolences that you want to show to your loved ones. In Singapore, many people send condolence wreath for funerals to show their support and sympathy. 

You can find a wide range of condolence flowers or a condolence wreath, to pay tribute to the loss of someone. Katong Flower Shop has been in the industry since 1948, and we can help you with your condolence message card and arrange a suitable and appropriate arrangement for the funeral. If you want to add a personal touch to the wreath, leave the special instructions when ordering online and we can customise for you. 

Loss comes at unexpected times. Our years of experience has helped us come up with a same day delivery service if you order before the cut off time. Urgent orders can still get sent on the same day. We understand that you might be busy, and therefore we can send the flowers on the same day on your behalf. Order from our website today. 

A condolence wreath is a great way to show support and sympathy, and help to comfort your loved ones who are suffering in times of sorrow.